Why Get Professional Protection As Termites Return To New York Homes

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Everyone enjoys the relief of summer as the chilly weather of winter and early spring begin to recede again. Trees are now filled with bright green leaves, flowers have blossomed, and the rain we got in spring has made our area vibrant and full of new plant life. Many New York residents take advantage of the nicer weather by preparing for summer guests they’ve invited to their homes. But they don’t often remember to prepare for the termite guests who may come inside uninvited.

When do termites become active again?

Many people make the mistake of believing that termites are only active and harmful to homes during the spring and summer months. However, while termites are most active in warmer seasons, they don’t stop damaging homes and munching away at wood as soon as the colder weather arrives.
Termites are a year-round issue here in New York, but they still cause many more problems in spring and summer. Mature termite colonies produce winged reproductive members who then go out and build colonies in new locations with a higher wood supply to feed on. These winged termites swarm in large clouds as they search for a suitable area to shed their wings and begin creating an entirely new colony. This means that many homeowners who are observing termite swarmers in their yards or neighborhoods may already have an infestation without even realizing it.

Avoid Termite Damage with Professional Termite Treatment

Termites are insect pests that can go unnoticed for months, or even years, within the interior structure of your home. In many cases, termites will chew right up to the paint without breaking through, remaining hidden and keeping homeowners from noticing their presence. Termites prefer to avoid light, which means they are experts at staying out of sight and causing major damage to New York homes without being discovered.
Professional termite treatment is the only way to effectively find, identify, and remove these stealthy invaders before they have enough time to cost you thousands of dollars. The termite control experts here at Thomas Pest Services have the knowledge and tools you need to quickly inspect and treat your home. Termites won’t escape the trained eyes of Thomas’ termite control experts, and we will quickly implement our effective treatment options to give you and your home year-round protection.

How The Sentricon® System Protects Your Property

Thomas Pest Services wants to give New York Homeowners only the best termite treatment options out there, which is why we implement the use of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System for homes affected by termites. This Sentricon® System works by placing discreet baiting stations in strategic locations around the exterior of your home, with no need for any drilling or digging! Each of the stations has a small amount of bait that termites can’t resist, which they eat and bring back to their colony to share. Active ingredients in the bait prevent termites from reproducing, eventually wiping out the entire colony. Don’t lose sleep over the destruction termite colonies can bring to your New York home. Instead, contact the termite control specialists here at Thomas Pest Services and get the effective termite treatment you need!

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