Why do you need a Fall Pest Inspection?

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When fall approaches, many may think that the problems associated with pests are going to diminish. While this may be the case in many respects, it may not always be for the good. There are many animals and insects that will take this opportunity of the weather turning colder, to start looking for places to hibernate over winter. For this reason, a pest inspection in the fall is a proactive method to find pest problems before they become more of an issue.

Rats and Mice

Both rats and mice will be looking to come inside, particularly at this time of year. As they try to call home in your home, look for signs of rodents like droppings, which can spread disease. Stop rodents from getting inside your home, by preventing rodents from getting inside – mice only need a dime size hole!


Squirrels may also decide to come inside if the conditions are right, animals in the attic are a common nuisance. They can be quite aggressive if approached while protecting their patch, so it is advised that you call a professional for squirrel removal or any wildlife removal.


During late summer and fall, yellow jacket colonies are nearing maturity and workers are looking for food. With insect prey becoming scarce, yellow jackets look for other sources of nutrition. This leads them to become very unpredictable and aggressive. Prevent stinging insects from harming your, your family or pets by getting rid of bees effectively by avoiding do it yourself control methods.


As pets begin to use the outdoors less, as the temperatures begin to change, pet owners stop using flea products on their pets putting them at risk for flea infestations. As fleas become more abundant, fleas become more difficult to groom off pets as pets winter coats are thick. Fleas reproduce quickly and it is best to contact a pest professional, as over the counter products for fleas are ineffective and risky.

Pest / Rodent / Wildlife Proofing

Before the fall/winter months approach, seal gaps around windows and doors, including garage doors. The best time for this is during the summer after pests have left their overwintering site, and before they come back for the next season. Pests are adaptable and will always seek shelter from the cold. Homeowners who do not pest proof their homes are taking a real chance. Pests are always drawn to conducive conditions. Unfortunately, the warmth, shelter and food found in our homes are just irresistible to pests, especially in winter moths

If you want peace of mind in your home over the fall, you should think about getting a pest inspection from a qualified pest control company. Pest control inspectors will check your home for any of the things that have been mentioned above along with other pests and conducive conditions. Effective pest prevention is the best way of avoiding costly bills in the future it also allows you to secure your home from any future infestations or inhabitants. Why not make a good decision and invest in a fall pest inspection to help protect your home, family, health and property over the winter. Contact Thomas Pest Services today for a free inspection.

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