Why DIY Methods Of Carpenter Ant Control Should Be Avoided

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The internet is filled with DIY help. Some of the tips on the internet are flat out wrong. Some are right but, when applied incorrectly, they don't work. Some are right and, when you apply them correctly, you can have some success but you never know if it really took care of the problem. Just because you don't see carpenter ants anymore doesn't mean they have disappeared completely. But, the worst outcome of DIY carpenter ant control isn't continued damage to your home. If you use chemicals to destroy these ants, they could accidentally carry those chemicals into sensitive areas of your home and cause sickness. Here is how a licensed pest control professional deals with this problem.

Your carpenter ant treatment will begin with a detailed and thorough inspection. During this inspection, the ants you're dealing with will be properly identified. Ant trails will be studied. Areas that are conducive to ant activity will be assessed. And a control program will be determined. This inspection will give your technician the information needed to apply the appropriate products and methods for complete control.

When the treatment products and methods are applied to control carpenter ants around your home, it will be done according to the product specifications and safety guidelines. Professionals use these products all the time and are well versed in their application. Your technician is also aware of any potential problems that can arise during treatment.

Once the treatment is done, your pest control is not complete. Licensed professionals know how to monitor for carpenter ant activity and provide follow-ups to ensure success. You're not going to have to wonder if you still have ants eating away at your equity. This brings real peace of mind.

On top of all this, your licensed professional will do all the work. You don't have to explore every inch of your yard, purchase products, get into all the places where these products have to be applied, and check to make sure the job was done.

DIY carpenter ant control is hard work and when it isn't successful, not only are you exhausted, you've spent money you can't get back. The smarter choice is to find a pest control company that is highly respected and positively reviewed so that you only have to spend money one time and then can sit back and enjoy the benefits that come with having an experienced professional take care of your problem.

If you live in Schenectady or the Greater Albany area, contact Thomas Pest Services for carpenter ant control. Our highly respected and highly reviewed pest control technicians are looking forward to helping you solve your problem… the first time.

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