Why A Squirrel Infestation Brings Big Problems To New York Residents

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Did you know that, in a way, squirrels migrate just like birds? The only difference is the distance traveled. Where birds fly several hundred miles to find a new warmer climate in order to avoid the cold of fall and winter, squirrels only need to travel the distance between them and the closest invadable human home. One rip, tear, or gap and they're in. Your home becomes their shelter, and this raises quite a few problems.

How Squirrels and Other Wildlife Invade

Squirrels are not the only woodland creature looking to find warmth from your home this fall. Raccoons, rats, and mice are also in the market looking for a new home. Although all different shapes and sizes, these animals share one trait in common, their ability to break in. Smaller invaders will look for cracks and holes in your foundation. Rodents such as the mouse only need a hole the size of a nickel to get in. Capable climbers such as squirrels and raccoons will often look for higher ground, using tree branches and loose shingles to access areas such as a roofline when attempting to infiltrate homes. To reduce the chances of four-legged pests breaching your walls consider the following tips.

  • Examine your foundation, walls, and roofline for any gaps, cracks, or holes wildlife may use to invade and have any damage repaired.
  • Trim bushes and tree branches away from the exterior walls of your home.
  • Store firewood a considerable distance away from your home.
  • Keep your yard free of food sources by cleaning up food after eating outside and picking up any fruit that has fallen from trees.
  • Store trash in airtight heavy-duty bins, or indoors and away from prying paws.
  • Place wire mesh inside your gutter's downspouts.

Dangers Squirrels Bring

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how they broke in, if an animal has invaded your home, they are a problem. Although squirrels and other wildlife do not commonly pose a direct threat to our health, they do pose a second-hand threat with the damage they cause, the things they carry, and the filth they tend to leave behind.

First, wildlife destroys properties. This destruction can include knocked over trash cans, wires severed by teeth, holes chewed through walls, torn up gardens, and the occasional terrible smell that seems impossible to wash out.

Second, wildlife animals are known carriers of fleas, ticks, and other parasites. This can pose a threat in the form of infestation and possible sickness to, not just you, but your pets as well.

Third, wildlife animals are filthy. When an invader breaches your home, they do not take into consideration common health practices, such as disposing of their waist sanitarily. Instead, animals such as squirrels, who overwinter in our attics will leave their fecal matter anywhere they please, which poses another threat to our health.

For Wildlife Infestations Trust Thomas Pest Services

As wildlife “migrates” this fall and winter consider the benefits of a professional pest protection plan. Here at Thomas Pest, we specialize in the removal and exclusion of unwanted furry intruders. If a pest-free home is what you are looking for this fall and winter, look no further, call Thomas Pest Services today!

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