Where Ticks Could Be Hiding Around Your Home

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Where Ticks Could Be Hiding Around Your Home

Upstate New York is a hotbed of tick activity. Ticks can be a problem for both your family and your pets. Unfortunately, getting rid of ticks from your property and home completely is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. These tiny pests, sometimes no bigger than a pinhead, can walk about through the grass and brush and hitch rides on animals. They can transmit a myriad of diseases including Lyme disease. While it may seem futile to try to get rid of them. The fewer ticks you have on your property means a lower chance of getting bit and contracting a tick-borne illness.
Ticks prefer to live around the base of trees and on tall grasses. This puts them in close proximity to wildlife and the potential for a tasty meal. Here are a few ways to discourage ticks from invading your property.
  • Keep your grass trimmed short.
  • Cut back overgrowth.
  • Install a barrier such as pea gravel between your yard and wooded areas.
  • Reduce wildlife on your property.
  • Make your yard as uninviting as possible by eliminating outdoor food sources.
  • Keep your trash cans securely closed.
  • Reduce available water.
  • Keep wood piles dry and off the ground away from your house.
  • Garden and compost within containers and barriers.

How Ticks Get In

It is also helpful to be sure to follow your veterinarians’ recommendations for flea and tick treatments for your pets. Both dogs and cats can pick up ticks and carry them into your home or in close contact with your family. Doing thorough tick checks on your animals after they have been outside can help reduce the risk of ticks in your home. Any time you’ve been outside, but especially if you’ve been in wooded areas or tall grasses around your Capital District home you should do a tick check. By checking yourself and removing ticks before they’ve attached themselves you can help eliminate the risk of obtaining a tick-borne illness.

Get Help from the Professionals

The best way to protect your property and your family from ticks is with a comprehensive tick prevention program from Thomas Pest Services. After an inspection, we will recommend ways for you to reduce ticks on your property. We will then target and treat areas where ticks are prone to thrive. We also use bait boxes that attract mice and coat them with an insecticide that causes them to not carry and transmit ticks in your yard. Ticks can be a year-round problem in the Albany area, contact us today so we can help you keep your family safe from this invasive pest.

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