Where Did All These Spiders Come From?

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Winter hit early here in the Capital District. With snow well before Thanksgiving and unusually cold temperatures, many outdoor pests are scrambling to find both food and shelter. Spiders are no exception.
Though spiders have little trouble surviving cold temperatures, they do move inside houses when the weather turns colder. You’ve no doubt seen a spider’s web speckled with flies, little moths, beetles, and whatever other unfortunate pests got caught. As the temperatures drop, these pests can’t survive outside and either die off or move to warmer locations. Often the warmest nearby location is your home. Spiders will follow their food source and will make your home their home too.
Once they settle into your home, they aren’t likely to leave. After all, they have protected shelter and a plentiful food source, so what more could they ask for? You might be unknowingly making your Schenectady-area home a prime location for spiders. Some factors that bring spiders to your home are:

  • Easy entrance. Spiders are small and can get in through small cracks, or tears in screens and gaps under doors. Take precautions to keep them out by installing door sweeps and sealing up all cracks and gaps.
  • Other pests. If you are attracting other pests by leaving food out, not disposing of trash properly, and not keeping your home in good repair, spiders will follow.
  • Outdoor factors. Wood piles and storage sheds are perfect homes for spiders. When you carry wood or items from storage into your home, you may unknowingly bring spiders in too.

There aren't many harmful venomous spiders in Upstate NY, but who has time to try to determine if the spider that just ran across the kitchen floor is harmful or not? Most of us just want these creepy crawly pests out of our homes.

Spiders make better outdoor neighbors than roommates, so, if you are bothered by them in your Schenectady home, it’s time to call a professional. DIY methods of spider removal are often futile as spiders can hide in tiny cracks, lay eggs, and continue to infest your home. At Thomas Pest Services, we offer our Complete Care Plan, which not only gets rid of spiders but also the pests that attract them. Your home should only have invited guests this winter. Let us help you get rid of the unwanted ones!

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