What Types Of Rodents Do We Have In Albany?

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In case you are wondering, we have rodents in Albany, New York. And these critters like to get into people's houses. They find holes and squeeze through. They find holes, chew them bigger, then squeeze through. Or they find their way in through holes in screens, underneath doors, or through other avenues. Yup, we definitely have rodents. What kinds of rodents? Here are some common ones you're likely to deal with in Albany.

Deer Mice: Deer mice are very tiny, but they have large beady eyes and ears. They are varying colors from black to white, but they all have cute little white feet, and a distinctive underbelly. They also have a long multicolored tail. Deer mice, while tiny, can be dangerous to have in your home. They spread urine and feces and can transmit a myriad of diseases including salmonella and hantavirus. They are also known to be linked to Lyme disease, which is caused by a spirochete bacterium that is transferred between mammalian hosts and humans by way of very small ticks known as black-legged ticks or deer ticks.

House Mice: These mice can be up to 7 inches in length and also have large ears and small beady dark eyes. They are typically gray or brown and have a light brown underbelly. These mice are also known transmitters of diseases, and they are quite capable of damaging your home. Mice never stop chewing on things because their teeth never stop growing. So they chew everything from drywall and insulation to treasured keepsakes and even wires (which is a fire hazard).

Roof Rats: A roof rat is brownish to black in color and is slightly smaller than a Norway rat, which we will tell you about next. Roof rats, as their name suggests, are great climbers. Because of this, they are generally found up in trees, and in attics. Although shy and elusive, these rats are still considered dangerous. Like mice, they can carry and spread salmonella and dysentery, and other serious diseases.

Norway Rats: These creatures are a bit larger than roof rats, and they are no good at climbing. Therefore, they are generally found on the ground level of buildings. They are brown to gray in color and tend to be shy and elusive. We generally find these rats anywhere humans provide them with an easy food source. Because of this, they are usually found in urban areas. Norway rats are known to spread a wide range of diseases, including lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonellosis, dysentery, and leptospirosis. They also gnaw on everything, causing damage and possibly posing a fire hazard.

What to do if you have mice or rats invading your home:

While there are a number of steps you can take to exclude all these rodents from your home or business, once they have taken hold, they are difficult to completely get rid of without professional assistance. At Thomas Pest Services, we offer rodent control for homes and businesses in Albany and throughout the Capital District and Adirondack region. Don't take chances with rodents. Let the specialists here at Thomas Pest Services protect your Albany property with industry-leading rodent control that works, every time.

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