What To Do If Ticks Find Their Way Inside Your New York Home

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Ticks are difficult to avoid, especially if you own a pet or your home is located near woods, fields, or tall grass. Ticks are parasites that travel from place to place on a host, whether it be human or animal. It only takes a quick brush past an awaiting tick on the tip of a blade of grass, leaf, or branch to find yourself with a hitchhiker. Ticks often get into homes on shoes, clothing, and pests, but the biggest culprit of transferring ticks are pests like rodents.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent ticks from invading your home:

  • Always check for ticks on the people and pets living in your home after spending any time outdoors.
  • When going outdoors, wear light-colored, long pants tucked into socks along with long-sleeved shirts to make ticks more visible if they happen to hitch a ride.
  • Bug repellent with DEET is also helpful to deter ticks from being attracted to you. Be sure to treat your pets should with a veterinarian-approved medication that prevents fleas and ticks.
  • Keep your lawn and other vegetation trimmed.
  • Discourage wildlife from roaming your yard and property, and be sure rodents cannot gain entry into your home.

If you already are experiencing problems with ticks in your home and yard you will need a professional pest control service to help you eliminate them, as they can transmit serious illnesses like Lyme disease. Thomas Pest Services in New York is an experienced pest control company that understands how serious ticks can be, and we are just a phone call away.

Thomas Pest Services professionals begin with a thorough inspection to determine “hot spots” of tick activity. Afterward, flags will be placed around the perimeter of your home approximately 30’ apart where tick boxes will be set up to effectively control ticks.

Thomas Pest Services utilizes a Tick Box Tick Control System. With this system, bait lures mice inside the box where they are then dosed with the appropriate amount of insecticide to the outside of their body with an applicator wick. This system prevents mice from acquiring ticks and spreading them throughout your yard and property. Our technicians follow up 90 days after the initial installation to check and renew bait stations. After another 90 days, our technicians return to remove the stations for storage throughout the winter.

As you can see, the best solution for tick problems is to call on professional help right away so you receive the proper treatment necessary to eliminate ticks. Give us a call at Thomas Pest Services in New York and let us answer your questions. We're here to help! 

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