What Is The Most Dangerous Creature In The World?

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If someone were to ask you this question, what would you say? Would your answer be sharks? Or how about wolves? There are a lot of scary creatures in this world, and we all have our own particular preference for which ones scare us the most. But if we put our own unique fears aside and base "dangerous" on something more solid, like how many deaths are caused each year by the creatures in question, we are left with a clear winner. Let's explore this, shall we?

According to the World Health Organization, sharks actually come in dead last, along with wolves. Both of these are responsible for only about 10 deaths worldwide. As you climb up the list toward number one you'll find the giant hippopotamus weighing in at an impressive 500 kills and the tiny Tsetse fly the cause of an impressive 10,000 deaths. In the number two position, completely outclassing snakes (with their 50,000 kills) are humans--which are responsible for the deaths of over 475,000 living creatures. But none of these creatures have anything on the little insect known as the mosquito. Studies estimate that the mosquito could be directly responsible for the deaths of as many as 725,000 creatures every year. A large number of these deaths directly linked to the spread of malaria.

U.S. residents can be thankful that only 1,500 malaria cases are tracked each year in this country, according to the CDC. But mosquitoes spread other potent and sometimes deadly diseases like dengue fever, West Nile virus, river valley fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis. It is definitely not a creature you want biting you several times during your backyard cookout. Though your chances of surviving a mosquito bite in the United States are high, you may end up with flu-like symptoms and not even realize it is due to a mosquito.

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