What Happens To Bugs And Wildlife When The Temperatures Drop?

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If we could dial the clock back and step into the distant past, before there were cities and towns, before there were teepees and wigwams, we would not find any household pests living in New York. None at all. Why? Because there were no households for them to become pests in. Before bugs and animals became household pests, they were simply bugs and animals.

When the temperatures begin to drop, the creatures living around your home are going to look for a place to hide. If your home wasn't where it is, they would hide under rocks, bark, leaf litter, and other organic things. They would dig deep into the ground, or bore into a rotting log or a perfectly healthy tree. They would go into caves and travel deep into the earth. But, with your house sitting there, they don't have to work as hard to hide from the cold.

When temperatures drop, bugs will begin to congregate on the sunny side of your home, usually on walls that are a dark, sun-absorbing color. They may feel heat coming out your windows and sliding doors and start crawling on your screens. They may find rotted holes and bore their way into the wood like it is just another log or tree. There are hundreds of ways your home is an attractive hiding place for bugs.

Animals that stay where they are, learn to adapt. They store food for the winter. They grow a thicker fur to keep their bodies warm during the colder days. They huddle together and share their body warmth. Some even learn how to hibernate for long periods. This reduces their need for food.

If animals are exploring your yard when the temperatures begin to drop, they're going to be motivated to look for a way to hide in it, especially if it feels safe. They will explore secluded areas and exploit any vulnerabilities they find.

When the temperatures drop, it is important that bugs and animals do not find your home an easy target. With the help of Thomas Pest Services, you can put out the unwelcome sign. We are a full-service company, offering the application of limited and focused insecticides, advanced eco-friendly pest protocols, T.A.P. pest-resistant insulation installation, wildlife exclusion, and home repair to remove entry points that bugs and wildlife may target.

Before the temperatures drop, make your home less attractive--in a good way. Get Thomas Pest Services to make it less attractive to household pests. Because, before bugs and animals become household pests, they're just bugs and animals.

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