What Every Albany Resident Should Know About Cicada Killers

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When a pest has the word "killer" in its name, you may want to know what you're dealing with, and where cicada killers are concerned, you're dealing with a very unpleasant insect. First of all, these pests are a species of wasp and a sting from them can be quite painful. Their stingers contain a powerful venom that can cause an allergic reaction in some people, so care should be taken around them, and they should never be handled. Usually, they are only aggressive if they are directly threatened or stepped on. Interestingly enough though, the male cicada killer is more aggressive, but they lack stingers to sting with.

Cicada killers can grow up to 2” long and usually, the females are larger than the males. They are reddish-black with yellow stripes or other markings, with wings that are brown and pale red legs. They have a pretty short lifespan; the males die after mating and the females die after laying eggs and gathering enough food for the larvae. The reason they are called cicada killers is that the females feed cicada bugs to their larvae. During their short life, they build nests approximately 1 foot underneath the ground in loose soil that is commonly found in gardens, playgrounds, lawns, and golf ranges.

Now that you know more about cicada killers, it will be important for you to understand that it is nearly impossible for anyone other than a pest control specialist to get rid of a cicada killer infestation. Beyond the significant hassle of combating a flying insect that lives underground, the risk of being stung makes DIY cicada killer control a dismal prospect. If you experience an infestation on your Albany property or yard you're much better off calling on the experts at Thomas Pest Services to help you eliminate them. Our technicians can successfully control these and many other pests that are plaguing your home and yard.  

Our home pest services give you superior pest protection where you can expect a uniformed technician to perform quality pest control services that will protect Albany homeowners and their families. One of our plans is the Complete Care Plan that includes bi-monthly services on the inside and outside of your home to control pests like cicada killers and other common pests that plague your Albany home and yard year-round. Give our experts a call for more information about cicada killers, other stinging insects, and other harmful pests.

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