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Do mosquitoes love you? There may be a reason why. Michael Smith, Chief Medical Editor for WebMD offers these tips from making yourself less attractive to those summer blood suckers.

  1. Your breath may be attracting those skeeters, but throwing in a breath mint isn't going to help. WebMD says mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you're exhaling. That means larger people, pregnant ladies and people who exercise are more attractive to mosquitoes. If you want mosquitoes to leave you alone in your backyard, try relaxing more.

  2. Mosquitoes also sense body heat. If you're running around in your yard, you're going to draw those little biters right to you. Heat helps them find you easier. Take a dip in the pool to bring your temperature down and use a fan to keep you cooled off when you're not in the pool.

  3. One study points to alcohol as a reason why those mosquitoes love you. The study measured ethanol content in sweat, sweat production, and skin temperature before and after ingestion of 350 ml of beer--an ethanol concentration of 5.5%. The study showed that the percentage of mosquitoes landing on volunteers significantly increased with beer ingestion. So, if you don't like mosquito bites, it may be time to start tea totaling.

  4. WebMD says most of what makes you a mosquito magnet may be in your genes. Thanks, Mom and Dad! There isn't much you can do about that.

  5. Pick the right time to go outside. Mosquitoes hide from the heat of the day and come out in the morning and evening. If you plan your outdoor activities for the middle of the day, you'll have fewer mosquitoes sucking your blood.

  6. Use bug spray. This is still the number one way to prevent bites. If you can deal with chemicals, get a spray that has DEET in it. If you prefer something more natural, oil of lemon eucalyptus has been shown to be just as effective.

  7. Wear long sleeves and long pants if you're able. The less skin you have exposed, the better.

  8. Choosing bright colors can also make it harder for mosquitoes to target you. These pests don't have very good eyesight, they use your silhouette to get a lock on you.

  9. Remove standing water from flower pots and gutters. These are breeding sites for mosquitoes.

  10. Use a fan to blow those mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are terrible fliers. One study showed that using a fan can protect you better than any insect repellant.

Protect yourself from mosquito bites with these helpful tips from WebMD. To view the video of Michael at Web MD, click here. For added protection, of a mosquito and tick program, give us a call. Thomas Pest Services offers effective and Eco-friendly mosquito and tick control that will greatly lessen the amount of mosquitoes in property in Albany, the Capital District, and the Adirondack region.

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