Unwanted Stowaways

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We've all heard a story or two that had a stowaway in it. There are lots of them. Stowing away can be an exciting story element. It could be a young rapscallion who snuck his way onto a ship headed for America only to find out that it was a pirate ship. That's exciting! Or how about a man running alongside a train, who then leaps at the last second to hitch a ride inside a railcar and finds eight people living inside. Stories of stowaways, whether true or imagined, can be a lot of fun to read, but we're going to talk about another kind of stowaway that isn’t so exciting.

During the summer months, when humans travel to and fro across this great land of ours, many of them are unwittingly carrying stowaways on board; not human stowaways, but tiny bugs tucked away in bags, luggage, and other movable belongings. They are called bed bugs, and they live in more places than just our beds.

The words "bed bug" do a horrible job of describing these blood-eating insects. This is partially why bed bugs have been allowed to become such a problem in the United States. Allowed? Yes. We allow bed bugs to plague us. If the general public had more of an understanding of where these bugs live, how they spread, and what pest control measures work to stop them "before" they spread, infestations wouldn't be increasing at such an alarming rate.

Where do bed bugs live? These pests can live in a wide range of places: mattresses, upholstered furniture, baseboards, in walls and electronics, under carpets, among many other places.

How do bed bugs spread? Bed bugs stow away inside many items you wouldn't expect: pocketbooks, clothing, pillows, luggage, boxes, shoes, sleeping bags, furniture, and much more. These pests can be as small as the tip of a pen in their larval stage, so they can be easy to miss.

How do you control bed bugs? Routine inspections from a certified professional and focused treatment such as mattress encasements and Climbup® Insect interceptors are the first line of defense against bed bugs.

Bed bugs are becoming a major problem here in New York, but they don't have to be. With greater public awareness and proper pest control measures, we can stop these bugs in their tracks. Don't let your home or business be overrun with these blood-eating bugs. Thomas Pest Services has solutions that will stop bed bug infestations before they begin, discreetly treat small infestations, and quickly respond to large infestations.

For immediate relief from bed bugs and bed bug protection that you can trust, contact us through our instant chat or reach out to us by phone. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite.

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