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According to the Business Review newspaper, a recent article reveals hotels are more aggressively tracking online reviews. More and more travelers are using sites like Trip Advisor and other websites before booking rooms to compare prices, quality and bed bug issues.

Local hotels in the Albany area are placing emphasis on monitoring travel websites. Reviews on travel websites can have a huge influence on potential guests. As the bed bug epidemic began sweeping across the county, a website BedBugRegistry was developed to warm potential travelers about bed bugs at hotels, motels and other hospitality locations.

“If they [hotels] are ignoring it, it’s at their peril,” said John D’Adamo, general manager at the Desmond. Hotels or any business that ignore negative comments, or are unaware of comments online are doing themselves a disfavor. The loss of potential business and damage to your company’s reputation is infinite.

If you are preparing to travel, using these sites may ensure your trip is more pleasurable. Remember when traveling, follow bed bug prevention tips.

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