Top Five Fall Pests

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As the seasons change, pests start making their way inside homes for shelter, according to Western Pest Services. When the seasons change, fall pests start making their way inside homes for shelter, while summertime bugs, like flies and stinging insects, linger around the home. Below are the top five pests homeowners in Northeast should be on the lookout for this fall.


Rodent control and exclusion should be your number one fall priority, as mice and rats seek a warm place for winter. Walls, closets, pantries and attics are inviting spaces for these pests. Conduct a thorough exterior inspection of the home for gaps and holes where rodents may enter, and be on the lookout for signs of rodents, like droppings and gnaw marks, which can indicate an infestation.


Fly populations tend to be at their height in early fall because they have had all year to increase their numbers. As temperatures drop, some flies look for a retreat inside homes from the cool weather outside. The south- and west-facing walls of your home may attract flies in search of heat. If those flies are already overwintering, a warm day may bring them out of hiding. It’s important to remember that some flies can cause bigger problems than just irritating buzzing; they have the potential to carry diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid, dysentery and diarrhea. Species to watch for: cluster flies, fruit flies, house flies.

Stinging Insects

As fall approaches, stinging insects such as yellow jackets and other wasps can be quite active. After working all summer to create the largest nest possible, it becomes a struggle to feed so many mouths with temperatures dropping and food sources dwindling. Under these circumstances, the colony can become hostile. Attempting stinging insect control yourself can be dangerous. If you think you have found a nest, take caution and call a pest management professional or beekeeper for help.


Cool autumn weather may bring ant trails indoors. Ants sometimes move their colonies into the walls of the home or beneath a slab of foundation to escape the chill. Effective ant control is about locating the nest and preventing ants from getting inside. A professional can help devise an ant control solution that is faster, more effective, and less reliant on pest control materials than a DIY ant approach may be. Species to watch for: carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants.

Occasional Invaders

This time of year can include a bevy of unique fall insects, commonly referred to as occasional invaders. This includes stink bugs, box elders and ladybugs. These pests enter homes in search of overwintering sites where they can wait out the winter. While these insects typically do not cause structural damage, they are generally considered a nuisance.

To combat fall pests, have a fall pest inspection to take a proactive approach to prevent a problem is the best method. When insects enter homes, take your vacuum to remove live and dead activity – be sure to empty your vacuum bag or canister so these insects cannot re-infest your home. If your Clifton Park home requires fall pest control, it’s best to let an professional exterminator handle the infestation. Thomas Pest Services is your Clifton Park and surrounding area pest control experts - protect your home, family and heath by contacting us for a no charge consultation today!

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