Top 5 Summer Pests in NY

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Summer, for most people, seems to be the favorite season of the year. Winter is finally over and the summer activities begin with fervor. New York residents are ready to hit the beach and enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, the warm temperatures and hot sun also attracts those dreaded summer pests. The top 5 winners in the most talked about summer pests are ants, stinging insects, cockroaches, bed bugs and mosquitoes.


Ants have always been quick to make their entrance in early summer. Ants are looking for food and will invade any home that has available sources of food and water. Windows and doors are open which makes it that much easier for them to gain entrance. They invade your cupboards and pantries, looking for crumbs, left over food items and spilled drinks. Those food-searching worker ants will quickly make it known that food is available and before you know it, you have a full-blown ant invasion.

Stinging insects:

There are several stinging insects, some of which include bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets. Warm temperatures usher in the reproductive season and blooming flowers. Stinging insects come out in full force. Their stings are very unpleasant and can also cause health issues from infections, allergic reactions and nausea. While their existence and natural pollination abilities are beneficial and even necessary, there remains the fact that they could be a threat to your outdoor activities. It certainly will take a professional pest control specialist to locate their nest and remove it as well as treat the pest invasion.


Cockroaches easily made the top 5 list of summer pests. They thrive in warm temperatures and build nests near food sources. They are not normally seen in daylight hours unless there is an extreme infestation but can be found in kitchens under cabinets, stoves and refrigerators. The nasty cockroach can quickly contaminate food and leave germs everywhere they go. A cockroach infestation in a home can cause allergy and asthma problems from their droppings, saliva, and shed skin and body parts.

Bed bugs:

Summer activities often include traveling with public transportation and staying in motels. Unfortunately, bed bugs also travel from motel to motel and are quite adept at hitchhiking a ride to your home. You can be assured that anywhere there are people, there is a great chance that there will also be bed bugs. These nocturnal pests are not always easy to see unless one is well trained on how to search for them. Decrease your chances of bringing these uninvited pests home with you by carefully inspecting motel rooms prior to bringing in your luggage.


Summer is peak season for mosquitoes although the exact start of the season is determined by temperature and rainfall. Those hot, steamy days are ideal for mosquitoes to emerge from hibernation. Mosquitoes must have standing water to breed, lay eggs and mature. Summer months usually mean mud puddles, clogged rain gutters, water trays under potted plants and wading pools, giving these buzzing pests a breeding playground. So, try to remember that the more standing water available on your property, the greater the population of mosquitoes you will be dealing with.

While each of these summer pests can put a damper on things, they do not have to spoil your summer or cause you to cancel your outdoor activities. However, none of these summer pests are easily eliminated with home remedies or other DIY techniques. Here at Thomas Pest Services, we know the pests in you are dealing with and we have the technology and equipment to eliminate infestations as well as methods to prevent future infestations. Contact us for our complete care program and start to really enjoy your summer!

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