'Tis the Season! Hear comes Rodents Pitter Patter

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Words can’t explain the feeling when lying in bed and hearing the pitter patter of mice scurrying in the walls or ceiling. As morning comes and the eye lids are heavy, the average Capital Region homeowner will look for the noise, use some snap traps or contact a pest professional. The real question is how many friends does Mickey Mouse have?

Rodents are a nuisance that can damage your home/property and endanger your family. Mice spread disease such as Hantavirus and Salmonella. When humans come in contact with contaminated items such as kitchen counter, floors, while leaving urine and droppings behind, there is a sanitation concern.

The most common effect of rodents (mice, rats and the like) is physical damage. Rodents have incisors that grow constantly, and they've got instincts that drive them to gnaw to keep them worn down. They'll gnaw their way causing damage to plumbing walls, the walls of your home, cables and electrical wires causing serious damage and a fire hazard.

Before running to the hardware store or scavenging the house for mice traps ask yourself….will this be enough. In most cases no. Mouse traps will certainly catch one or two mice with proper placement, but who else is running around. Mice are very smart and when it comes to controlling their population, it requires a professional pest control company. Mice run along floorboards to protect themselves against humans and other predators.

When you call Thomas Pest Services, your rodent control experts we have the knowledge and expertise to rid your home of mice. Our rodent removal service process looks like this:

  • Inspect your home to determine rodent infested areas.
  • Identify ways rodents are gaining access inside and how to keep rodents out.
  • Seal the entry points to prevent rodent and insect re-entry.
  • Install rodent traps and/or bait to monitor and control rodent populations.

Rodents have the ability to breed quickly, so an proactive approach with a mouse problem is important. Proactive measures prevent a small problem from growing larger and reducing the threats these creatures can cause. During the fall and winter month and throughout the year, Thomas Pest Services is always tackling Albany homeowner rodent problems. As a homeowner, spend your time doing other things like spending time with your family instead of tackling a rodent infestation. Thomas Pest Services is your local pest professional specializing in rodent control. Contact us for a free estimate by phone at 1-877-518-2847, email, twitter or facebook.

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