Ticks in Columbia County

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Columbia County is number one in the world not just for the prevalence of Lyme disease, but for all tick-borne diseases according to the Columbia Paper.

Thomas Pest Services, your tick control expert offering a terrific service to protect your health, family, friends, children, pets and property from these scary critters. The anaplasmosis (cases for tick-borne disease) in 2011 translates to a 92.5 rate in Columbia County, compared to 17.4 in Rensselaer County, 18.4 in Greene County and 20.1 in Duchess County. In other Capital Region counties the rates are lower, 5.0 in Albany County, .5 in Saratoga County and 0 in Schoharie and Warren counties, according to state Health Department figures. Thomas Pest Services a local, family owned pest management company treats properties for ticks. Contact us by phone 1-877-518-2847, email, twitter, or facebook for your free estimate and inspection today.

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