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A recent article by the Albany Business Review, revealed the national lost more than 170,000 small business during the first two years of the recession. A small business is defined an enterprise with fewer than 100 employees. Albany, New York, saw a slight increase in the number of small businesses in the area from 20,483 in 2009 to 20,599 in 2010.

The Southern Saratoga Chamber offers the following tips to buy local:

  • Keep Money in Our Community: More money re-circulates locally when purchases are made at locally owned businesses.
  • Support Community Groups: Non-Profit organizations receive approximately 250% more support from locally-owned business owners.
  • Keep Our Community Unique: Where we shop, where we eat and were we have fun, is what we call home.
  • Keep Recycling Your Dollar: Locally-sourced products are often "greener" - they don't require as many fossil fuels to reach you.
  • Create More Jobs: Small businesses are one of the largest employers in our community providing the most #jobs to residents.
  • Get Better Service: Local businesses often hire people with an understanding of their services & take time to get to know YOU!!
  • Invest In Your Community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in your community & have invested in our community.
  • Put Your Taxes To Good Use: Buying local contributes to our community's tax base and charitable giving.
  • Encourage Local Prosperity: Buying local strengthens area businesses, service providers and employees.
  • It's the Right Thing To Do: Your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances rely on you! Help us keep our community strong.

As a family owned and operated business we are excited to be serving Northern Columbia County, the Capital Region and Adirondack. Sarah's grandfather, Jim Thomas started in the business back in 1949, operating Mid-Hudson Pest Control in Poughkeepsie, NY. Jim Thomas shared his passion for the pest management industry with his son, Craig Thomas. This passion was passed onto three generations to, Sarah Thomas who grew up in the industry with her father’s company, Craig Thomas Pest Control in the Hudson Valley.

Sarah and her husband, Bill started Thomas Pest Services in 2010. As a family business, our goal is to protect your home, business and property from pests. We take pride in our employees and work, and have a strong commitment to quality service. We value our family reputation and the happiness of our employees, which ensures our customers are pest free.

We may use the most sophisticated techniques, but we’re still a family-owned company with old-fashioned values.

Bill Clark & Sarah Thomas - Clark

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