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Thanksgiving will be here tomorrow! Thanksgiving would not be complete without family, turkey, the smells coming from the kitchen and laughs. As you gather around the table and receipt what you are thankful for, we wanted to reflect what we are thankful for.

Staff. Without our wonderful staff we would not be able to protect the health and property of so many families and businesses in and around the Ballston Spa area.

Vehicles. Our vehicles provide us the opportunity to get to our customers properties.

Building. Our new building located at 2000 Central Ave in Albany gives us presence in one of the major markets in the New York area.

Customers. Thank you for giving Thomas Pest Services the opportunity to protect your health, family and property from pests. Many pests like rodents, mosquitoes, ticks can carry and transmit diseases. Many pests will try to make your home their home causing damage and creating a nuisance along the way. Without our customers we would not have homes and business to protect. Thank you!!

Technology. Without technology running to day to day operations would be difficult. Our handheld technology deployed this year allows our technicians to have account history at their fingertips. This also follows our promise to sustainability by reducing paper usage.

Pests. Bugs, insects, rodents and wildlife keep us going. Remember, not all pests are bad, some are beneficial!

Our Services. Without Thomas Pest Services, homes and business in and around Albany could become susceptible to destructive and annoying pests like ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, ticks and many more. Our pest control services protect your health against pests that are dangerous to your health like mosquitoes, roaches, rodents and ticks. Carpenter Ants, mice, termites and squirrels can ruin your property and home damaging the structural integrity, chewing wires, contaminating insulation and creating unsafe conditions for you and your family.

Thomas Pest Services takes pride as a locally, family owned business protecting the Clifton Park and surrounding area from pests. As the holiday season officially kicks off, avoid tackling a pest problem on your own. Contact Thomas Pest Services for a free pest inspection and learn how learn why we should be thankful for pest control services. The entire team at Thomas Pest Services wishes you and your family a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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