Things That Go Bump In The Day

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Are you hearing noises coming from the attic? You may be tempted to think that these bumping sounds are coming from a ghost, goblin, or troll. But these can be easily dismissed, especially if you're hearing these noises during the day. Those things only go bump in the night.

Daytime bumping is not the handy work of a nocturnal creature like a bat, mouse, or rat. If you hear bumping when you wake, and throughout the day, it is more likely evidence of a daytime pest like a squirrel.

You may be tempted to go get the flashlight and take a visit into your attic spaces, but that may not be the best idea. Whatever daytime creature is living in your attic is most likely a wild animal. Even a squirrel can be dangerous if it is cornered or feels threatened. And, if you have a raccoon, which is sometimes a daytime pest, you could be walking into a dangerous and volatile situations. Call a pest control company and have them safely remove your unwanted guest.

Here are the things a pest control technician will do for you.

  • Safely trap the animal and relocate it.

  • Do an inspection to be sure that no other animals are infesting your home. This includes hard-to-see places like wall voids, attic crawl spaces, and under decks and porches.

  • Disinfect areas that have been contaminated with urine and feces.

  • Locate and seal all entry points that can be exploited by squirrels.

  • Educate you on exclusion methods that will keep squirrels from targeting your yard and your home.

  • Offer tips on structural modifications that will keep all wildlife pests out.

  • Inform you of other pest dangers like termites, carpenter ants, and roaches.

When you call a certified pest controller, you get a lot more than squirrel removal. You start a partnership with an agency that specializes in protecting homes and families from pest-related illness and damage. Implementing modern pest practices will improve your quality of life, reduce the maintenance costs on your home, and save money on your energy bills. If you have squirrels living in your attic, get plugged into a pest company. Living without pests is a better way of living.

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