The Top Industries That Deal With Pests

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Pest control is important for homes, but it might be even more important for commercial businesses. A major pest infestation can spell trouble for any company, both for employees working inside the company and for customers entering the business or using the products the business creates. This is not only a health concern, but can also mean possible structural damage, and can also tarnish a company’s public reputation. So which industries have to deal with pests the most? We took some of our experience in commercial pest control and identified which tend to have the biggest pest problems. 


Food Processing and Restaurants 


It’s no surprise that large amounts of food and food waste brings pests swarming, and this makes the food processing and restaurant industries hot spots for pest activity. More specifically, flies and rodents tend to be the biggest issues that these industries encounter. These pests rely on access to food, water, and shelter, so having the ability to restrict access to those things in food-related industries is vital to limiting their presence.




Pests in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are not only a threat to patient health, they can create hazards for staff, visitors and facilities. Healthcare facilities attract pests with around-the-clock service, highly trafficked areas, food service and plenty of places to hide out in. Keeping healthcare facilities sanitary can be a struggle, but industry regulations understandably make keeping a sanitary, pest-free space absolutely essential. 




Warehouses and storage buildings are huge structures. They’re also by nature filled with hard-to-reach spaces, tiers of shelving, high ceilings, and outdoor areas, not to mention a number of other nooks and crannies and general clutter. This is an absolutely perfect environment for pests to thrive, especially if the warehouse contains anything that could act as a food source or provide nesting material. An infestation in a warehouse can be a concern not only because of potential structural damage but also because the product being stored in a warehouse could be damaged by a crew of overzealous pests. 


Schools & Educational Facilities 


Schools and other educational facilities can be a hotbed for pest infestation. These are large structures with people frequently coming in and out of them that have big cafeterias that act as food facilities for staff and students, not to mention the amount of waste that a school full of hundreds of people can generate. This gives pests ample opportunity to thrive: the large space and usually quiet nights give them a space that they can comfortably nest, the food facilities and food waste gives them access to food, and the constant in-and-out nature of schools gives almost any pest the opportunity to slip in essentially unnoticed. 


Commercial Pest Control Can Help 


For these businesses and organizations to operate effectively, they need to have what we call a zero pest policy. Insects, rodents and pest birds are often a problem in these environments, threatening the health and safety of people, compromising quality by damaging products, inflicting damage to the facility and causing undue harm to a company’s brand. In other words, companies are vulnerable to attack both inside and out. Thomas Pest Services can help. We provide commercial pest control services that are highly effective in eliminating and preventing pest activity. If you’re in any of these high-risk infestation industries, or any other industry that is experiencing a pest issue, just contact us for your free estimate!

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