The difference between DIY Pest Control and Professional Pest Control

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For many Clifton Park homeowners tackling jobs around the home it part of the job that comes with being a homeowner. However, all too often we find there are jobs that just should be left to the professional – pest control for one.

What is the difference between DIY Pest Control and Professional Pest Control?

Education. Thomas Pest Services is licensed and certified with the NYDEC. You should always work with a licensed pest control company.

Experience. Thomas Pest Services has many years of combined experience and continuous learns. From monthly meetings to meetings within the industry as National Pest Management Association, New York State Pest Management Association and Associated Pest Meetings, we love learning how to better serve our customers in upstate New York.

Methods. With vast experience, Thomas Pest Services brings the most up to date techniques and proper methods that the average person would be unaware of.

Products. Professional pest management companies have access to professional products to effectively solve your pest problem.

When homeowners try to save money and try over the counter or DIY pest control techniques, sometimes it goes wrong. Recently, Portland firefighters found a "rodent bomb" placed by a homeowner in his house's eves that sparked a one-alarm blaze. This is just one of many examples where pest control can go wrong. Exposing yourself and your family to products that you are unsure of is unhealthy and risky.

When you contact your Clifton Park pest control company, Thomas Pest Services begins with an inspection to locate the source of the infestation and develops a service around the needs of the issue, home, homeowner and property. Many times homeowners do not know where to look for the problem, then improperly use products, fail to fully eradicate the problem, spread the problem incurring more money and end up calling an exterminator after the fact. When dealing with pests around your Ballston Spa home- save time, save the headache and have the problem solved promptly and professionally by Thomas Pest Services.

Thomas Pest Services is a local, family owned pest management company serving Chatham, East Greenbush, Latham, Albany, Clifton Park, Schenectady, Edinburgh, Malta, Queensbury and surrounding towns. Thomas Pest Services is license and certified in pest control to effectively solve your bug or rodent issue. Protect your health, home, family and property with pest removal, contact us via phone at 1-877-518-2847, via web inquiry, Facebook or Twitter!

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