The difference between an ant and termite

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The difference between Ants & Termites:

Spring is the time when termites "swarm," or send out winged termites to start new colonies. The National Pest Management Association estimates termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage each year! Check out the newspaper ad from my grandfather's business, Mid-Hudson Pest Control from the mid-50's or so. Back then and today, we still educate our customers on the difference between termites and ants.

Termite Signs:

  • Straw sized diameter, or larger, mud tubes running across bare concrete or masonry between the soil and any part of your home or facility, inside or outside.
  • Thin, small, papery, wings, all the same size and shape along your window sill, countertop or floor (especially after a recent rain).
  • Thin bubbled or distorted areas of paint on wooden surfaces.

Carpenter Ant Signs:

  • Frass material which is the wood shaving carpenter ants kick out when hollowing their galleys in wood. This substance is very similar to sawdust. With termites there is no sawdust, however powder post beetles produce a more powdery substance than carpenter ants.
  • Body parts, different sizes of ants, different sized wings.
  • Damaged wood, which has been hollowed out.

Although ants may disappear during the colder months, they don't go anywhere. Carpenter ants nest in wall voids damaging your structure and begin to move around as the weather begins to warm.

Thomas Pest Services, your Queensbury termite control specialist, is proud to offer the Sentricon Termite Elimination System - the greenest termite protection available. Currently, the White House and Statue of Liberty utilize this termite system to protect some of our most cherish historical sites. Termites are known as the silent invader, working nonstop 365 days a year. When we install our Halo Early Detection System it will assist in detecting subterranean termite activity before costly damage occurs in your home. Our every other month protection programs are designed to effectively eliminate all developing carpenter ant stages. The best protection for your home is being protected by Thomas Pest Services and an ongoing maintenance program to ensure your health, home and property are protected.

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