The Dangers of Mice Infestations

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Most individuals spend lots of money safeguarding their health during the colder months, by taking vitamins and having flu shots, but there is one threat to human health that is often overlooked. That threat comes from mice, and now is the time of year when they are on the look out for a warm, dry and snug place to spend the winter. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the cozy and warm place they have found, is to be found somewhere in our home.

Nesting Mice

As soon as summer merges into autumn, mice begin searching for a ready source of food, as well as shelter and warmth, somewhere indoors. If there is a way to get into your home, mice will find it! The size of a dime is all it takes for mice to enter a structure and begin nesting and create havoc. Once you have mice in your home, the dangers of mice can begin, from the risk of fire caused by the mice gnawing through electrical cables, to the bacteria and diseases that they can spread. Mice and other rodents leave behind their urine and feces, and when rodent droppings become desiccated, they can become dangerous to your health.

Risks to Property

Not only do the dangers of mice pose to human health, but damage to your home. Once they are in your property, they can chew through electrical cables, which could heighten the risk of fire. They can also chew through drywall, and insulation, as well contaminate your food.

How to Deal with a Rodent Invasion in your Home

Rodents can reproduce and an alarming rate, and before long, one or two rodents can quickly become many. So as a homeowner, it is important that you not only take precautions to prevent rodents entering your home, but also to make sure that you take immediate action when you spot them in your home.


In order to prevent rodents invading your home, you need to take a tour of the outside of your property, and if you notice any cracks or holes in the outside walls, fix them immediately. Even if you think that the hole or crack is too small to allow rodents in, seal it up.

Eradication of Rodents

Once you have rodents in your home, you will need to remove with rodent removal services. Your Clifton Park pest control service will be able to locate entry points, determine the level of infestation and then advise you as to the best course of action. In a matter of time, you can rest easy knowing your rodent problems in your home are being taken care properly.

Thomas Pest Services can give you peace of mind, with our rodent control services. Thomas Pest Services will make sure you, your family, health and home are safe from rodents and diseases from rodents. Keep an eye out for pest and rodent signs and at the first signs of infestation, contact your Clifton Park mice removal company like Thomas Pest Services. The best action you can take for your home, family and property is contacting a pest management professional for a no charge home audit.

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