Texas School is Proactive against Bed Bugs

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The Eagle, a local newspaper from Texas reports, a local school district is on alert for bed bugs. An apartment complex where many students live was reported to have bed bugs. With the news, the school took a proactive approach and called in a pest management provider. The school did not have any reporting’s of bed bugs, but took an proactive approach to bed bugs. Teachers and administration were trained to recognize bed bugs and their typical hiding places. Containers were placed in classrooms to help keep students’ belongings separate as well.

Many wonder how bed bugs can get from the home to school, no they can’t necessarily walk there. Their nickname is “the hitchhiker.” As a student prepares for school they place their clothing on the bed to get dressed, the bed bug(s) attach onto the students clothing and there the bed bug(s) goes to school. As the student is getting ready to catch the bus, they place their book bag on the couch to put their shoes on. The bed bug(s) living in cracks and crevices of the couch attach on the backpack to go to school. The student goes to school and puts their backpack in their shared cubby. During the day, the bed bug(s) detaches and now calls home in a gap in the cubby…the bed bug(s) is now in the classroom. The other bed bug(s) begins moving around and attach onto the other students jacket. At dismissal, both students go their separate ways. The student who arrived to school without bed bugs is now transporting bed bug(s) home. This is one case of how bed bugs can move from place to place.

Bed bugs in schools are a serious issue and should not be treated without professional assistance (at home too). Ignoring the problem, hoping it will go away is slim. Be proactive, just like this Texas school. Promise, our bed bug detection K9 inspected a local school earlier this year and located 1 bed bug egg in a student’s desk. Have you ever seen the size of a bed bug egg? Take a look! Wow, that’s amazing!!

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