Squirrels In Your Attic

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Surely you've heard the saying, "He's got bats in his belfry." But have you heard the term, "She's got squirrels in her attic?" Well, if you think about it, these two sayings could mean the same thing, because having a squirrel, or perhaps a whole family of squirrels, living in your attic, could be enough to drive a sane person mad. Not only are they a possible hazard to your health and property, but the scampering and knocking noises they produce can cause loss of sleep, and eventually, sanity. And nobody wants that. So read on to learn about the gray squirrel and what you can do to keep them out of your attic.

Gray squirrels are common in Upstate New York, and often get into homes when the weather turns cold. These critters, like the name suggests, are gray in color. They are around 6-15 inches in length and have a 4-inch long tail. Their hair is thick and their tails are bushy.

These common rodents remain active all year round, feeding mainly on nuts and seeds and performing most of their foraging early in the day. During the warmer weather gray squirrels nest in trees, but when the weather outside turns frightful, they try to get inside homes, and out of the cold. At first thought, you might not think this is a big deal, but there are risks involved when squirrels move into your attic.

The droppings squirrels leave behind can be a health hazard to humans, and squirrels have the potential to bring in parasites. There is also the concern that they might chew on wires within your attic or wall voids, thus posing a fire hazard. As well as, they tend to cause damage to insulation and other building materials. Stored items are also at risk of being contaminated or damaged by the activities of squirrels.
Keep your home squirrel-free:

If you are certain you do not have any of these furry creatures living in your home, below are some ideas to keep them out. If there is one or more present, however, it is never a good idea to seal your home, since this may trap the animal inside, giving you an even bigger problem. A cornered animal can get desperate and become dangerous.

To keep squirrels out:

  • Seal all outdoor trash cans tightly.

  • If you have bird feeders, keep them as far from the house as possible.

  • Feed pets indoors and only put food down during feeding times.

  • Trim trees and bushes back away from your home which eliminates bridges for squirrels to get to your house.

  • Examine your walls and roof for gaps and cracks. Seal all openings with a caulking gun.

  • Place a cap on chimneys and cover vents.

To remove a current squirrel infestation:

If one or more squirrels have taken up residency in your attic or wall voids, it is time to bring in a professional pest controller. These are not animals you want to mess with on your own. Here at Thomas Pest Services we have pest technicians with third-generation expertise in animal removal. Don't let squirrels in your attic cause you to get bats in your belfry. Call Thomas today and let us help you keep your sanity.

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