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Like most rodents, squirrels are expert chewers. Squirrels have the ability to destroy your Clifton Park home and surrounding areas quickly. Squirrels use openings and holes found in and around our open as entry and exit points to gain their needs. If these entry ways are not available that is not a problem, they will handle that on their own.

There are simple measures to keep squirrels away. Check out our tips below to prevent squirrels from calling your home, “home.”

  • Keep animal dishes and food inside. If you feed your pets outside, make sure to clean up behind them or bring in remaining uneaten food.
  • Clean up split bird seed in and around bird feeders.
  • Cap your chimney to prevent squirrels from enter into your chimney or even making a nest.
  • Trim you tree branches at least 10 feet from the roof of your house. This will prevent squirrels from getting onto your roof and creating damage.
  • Inspect your home from the outside and look for entry points or ways insects and wildlife and can get inside. Begin around where utilities and pipes enter the home. If you find entrance ways, seal with caulk and hardware cloth to prevent them from re-entering.

If you are a homeowner in Albany looking for squirrel removal, contact a licensed wildlife company. Removing wildlife requires a license, knowledge and expertise. Do not let scratching or gnawing keep you up at night; allow Thomas Pest Services to trap and remove these critters. Contact us for a free estimate or call for wildlife removal today.

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