Spring Cleaning Tips for Pests

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With the weather forecast in the fifties in and around the Clifton Park NY area, I think it is safe to say spring is approaching. Spring time makes the grass greener, trees bud, birds sing and send the alarm clock off for pests. Over the weekend while cleaning the inside or outside of your home, simple spring cleaning tips can help prevent ants and other pests from inviting themselves inside.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pests Outside:

  • Pests like to nest in dark, moist locations like dead plants, weeds, fallen branches and leaves. By eliminating these areas you are reducing harborage areas.
  • Trim back trees and shrubs from touching the home. Many pests use branches as a pathway to your home.
  • Inspect your home for containers or object holding standing water. Don’t let spring rain showers build up to create a place for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Seal any cracks or holes along the foundation, windows or doors.
  • Replace broken or torn window screens.
  • Don’t allow wildlife an entrance into your home, make sure you have a chimney cap on the home.
  • Stack firewood off the ground and away from the exterior of the home.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pests Inside:

  • Take the time to dust and vacuum behind cardboard boxes and containers in storage. This will reduce hiding locations for pests. Storing items in sealed plastic containers is always a good idea compared to a cardboard box.
  • Clean behind the stove, behind appliances and all nooks and crannies to remove crumbs and food debris. This will eliminate food sources for pests to thrive.
  • To starve pests out of your home, vacuum all furniture, and wipe down all jars in the pantry.
  • Vacuum your boxspring and mattress (especially along seams), this is a great time to do an inspection for bed bugs.

Taking a little extra time now to perform a thorough spring cleaning and reduce or prevent future pest infestations. Although spring cleaning for pests is a great way to prevent pests, ensure you are pest free with pest control service or a pest home evaluation from Thomas Pest Services. Protecting many homes against pests in Clifton Park NY and surrounding towns, you can TRUST the Thomas family with your home pest control services. Fill out our contact form today for a free estimate!

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