The Signs Of Wood Destroying Pests And How To Prevent Them

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One of the most disturbing things a homeowner can be told is that their house is infested with wood destroying pests. The two household pests that fit this category are termites and carpenter ants. It is important to be able to accurately identify termites and carpenter ants.

The carpenter ant and termite both swarm in the spring. This is a process of the reproducers growing wings and swarming or relocating for the purpose of mating, reproducing and starting a new colony. While they look similar, there are distinctive differences between these two pests.

The termite:

  • Has no narrow waist. The body is more rectangular without any constricting or gathering at the waist.

  • The termite has a straight, beaded antenna.

  • There are four wings on the swarming termite of equal size and shape with the wings being longer than the body.

  • Termite workers are creamy white and may even appear transparent. They avoid light and are not often seen unless the nest is disturbed.

The carpenter ant:

  • Has a distinctively defined narrow, constricted waist.

  • The antennae are bent in a shape much like that of an elbow.

  • The carpenter ant has four wings. The hind wings are much shorter than the front, fore wings.

  • The carpenter ant workers are dark colored and frequently seen in the open foraging for food.

The most noticeable sign of an infestation of carpenter ants is the visible presence of the ant worker inside the home. This doesn’t always mean they have established a nest within the home as carpenter ants forage for food a great distance from their nest. You may also find piles of wood shavings beneath window ledges, under doorways and along baseboards. Take necessary steps to help prevent their access to your home. These pests are attracted to moist wood. Remove any wood from around your house that is in direct contact with the ground. Close off all cracks around windows and doors. Keep window ledges and door thresholds painted or sealed to prevent moisture from causing decay.

The carpenter ant doesn’t normally cause as great of damage as the termite. The difference is the termite actually eats the wood while the carpenter ant only chews into the wood and burrows tunnels for the purpose of building its nest. It is critical for the homeowner to know how to get rid of termites and carpenter ants. Albany termite treatments are just one of the many services Thomas Pest Services provides to homeowners and businesses in Albany, upstate New York and throughout the Capital District. It is best to utilize such services rather than attempting DIY techniques, as the potential damage is too great of a risk.

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