Separating Lady Bug Facts From Lady Bug Myths

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Throughout the world, lady bugs have a reputation for being a beneficial bug. This is partly due to the many myths that are connected to these insects. In Canada, there is a common belief that, when a lady bug lands on someone, they can make a wish and, when the lady bug flies away, the wish will come back from that direction. In Europe, some farmers believe that lady bugs can grant wishes and that when one lands on your hand you'll be married in less than a year. In the U.S. some believe that finding a lady bug in the house will bring good luck. This granting of wishes and giving of good luck is common around the world. It is also common for people to believe that it is bad luck to kill a lady bug. So, how beneficial are lady bugs? Are they good luck when you find them in your home? Let's see what science has to say.

First of all, lady bugs that plague New York residents are actually called multicolored Asian lady beetles, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas). They were introduced to the U.S. in the southern states as a form of bioremediation for destructive pests in pecan crops. While they have done some good reducing crop pests, these beetles have earned pest status for themselves. This is because lady beetles are overwintering insects. When it starts to get cold, they look for a place to hide. Sometimes that place is inside homes and businesses.

Is it good luck to have lady bugs in your home? We would have to go with no on that one. When multicolored Asian lady beetles get into a home, they often do so by entering into wall voids by way of gaps, cracks, and holes in exterior walls and rooflines. And any of those bugs that don't make it through the winter become food for other household invaders. This can create an attractant that no homeowner needs. It is also decidedly bad to have lady bugs crawling in your curtains. These insects excrete a liquid that can stain your curtains.

When lady bugs get into a home, it stinks, quite literally. These insects release a chemical that many people consider to be unpleasant. If you have a large enough number of lady bugs in your home, you're likely to start noticing this smell.

We hope someday to replace this myth of lady bugs bringing good luck and granting wishes with a new myth--the myth that pest control technicians bring good luck and grant wishes. When you have ongoing pest services from an educated and experienced professional, you're going to have good luck keeping bugs out of your home. And, if you have an infestation of bugs right now, we know one wish we can grant you. We can make those bugs disappear. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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