Seasonal Pest Control Guide

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When it comes to protecting a home from damaging pests and preventing all of the many illnesses pests can spread, it is vital to have a pest plan. But, pest control isn't a one-time patch or an easy fix. Bugs and wildlife never stop exploring your walls or trying to get inside. While the pest threats may change with the seasons, they never go away.

Fall Pests

  • Lady bugs. This is a beneficial insect that helps protect crops and gardens from damaging pests. But, when temperatures drop, they start to congregate on the walls of homes and businesses, and find a way inside.

  • Boxelder bugs. If you have boxelder trees or maple trees near, or on, your property, this is another bug you can expect to be congregating on your walls and looking for a way to get in.

  • Stink bugs. This is a new pest to our state, but it hasn't wasted any time becoming a pest. Expect these bugs on your screens when temperatures start to drop.

Winter Pests

  • Wood pests. There are many pests that are brought inside on firewood and Christmas trees. It is important to use firewood within 48 hours of bringing it in. And, give that Christmas tree a good shake before squeezing it in through your front door.

  • Stored product pests. Pantry pests can come in any time of year because we bring them into our homes from the grocery store. Be sure to check all stored product packaging for holes, gaps, or tears before you purchase them.

  • Rodents. If rodents chose your home to hide from the cold temperatures of winter, it is likely that you'll be hearing them bumping and scratching in your walls this winter.

Spring Pests

  • Bed Bugs. There is no specific bed bug season. But these are hitchhiking bugs that are brought into homes on guests, or brought back to your home when you go on vacation. Since the holiday season has many people traveling all over the country, and it takes about 3 months for a bed bug infestation to grow into a serious problem, this is the time of year when people start to realize they picked up bed bugs during the holidays.

  • Termites. Though you can get termites in any warm season, this is the time of year when termites are most likely to send out swarmers. These are male and female winged reproductives that have only one purpose. Their mission is to start new colonies.

  • Stinging pests. In spring, everything starts to come back to life, and stinging pests start to establish new homes. While mature nests with maxed out populations in fall are more of a threat, this is the time of year when prevention is key.

Summer Pests

  • Cockroaches. When it gets hot, these insects become quite active. Some cockroaches will even begin to fly. This makes the cockroach a frustrating summer pest.

  • Flies. In the heat of the summer, there will be more flies flying around outside your home. That means every time you open the door, you have the potential of letting one in.

  • Ground bugs. There are a lot of creepy, crawly pests that squeeze in through exterior walls when excessive rain or drought drive them out of the soil.

These are only some of the many pest issues Thomas Pest Services can protect your Albany home from all year round. Reach out to us today to learn how you can get protected and, more importantly, stay protected in every season.

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