Rodents in the RV

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There’s little worse than when someone who has invested hard-earned money to enjoy the RV lifestyle has to endure the heartache of damage from rodents. Mice constantly chew and gnaw on materials to build their nests creating damage. Damage from rodents in the rv can include chewed wiring, interior damage, and even fire and flooding. Mice can carry and transmit deadly diseases to humans. Mice are a threat to our health and can even be the source for fleas and ticks.

Owning an RV is like owning a home on wheels. These are tortured machines, having to endure gale force winds, earthquakes, searing heat and freezing temperatures, and they require maintenance. Spending time caring for your RV can be an enjoyable experience, and will pay off in big dividends. Be attentive to the RV’s needs so that which damage does occur, it can be discovered quickly so than the extent of the damage can be minimized.

Motor-homes sit unattended for long periods when not in use and become inviting targets for mice, squirrels and insects to take over and claim as their own. Keeping pests out of the RV will certainly prolong the useful life, as well as making the living space healthier and more enjoyable.

  • Cleanliness inside the coach is the first step in keeping them out.
  • When the unit is to be stored for long periods of time, food should be removed, or at least stored in air-tight containers.
  • Any spills should be cleaned up quickly, and make sure a good cleaner is used. Clorox wipes work well for this.
  • Don’t forget that spills can travel under cabinets, and if they do, make sure you get in there and clean them from the inside too.
  • Leaks of any kind are an RV’s worst nightmare, be vigilant about fixing leaks.
  • Seal the cabinet bases with silicone which will prevent any liquids or small particulates from collecting in the corners.


  • Rodents work their way in through holes made to accommodate water, sewer, propane pipes and power lines underneath the motorhome.
  • Among the top five RV insurance claims are damage caused by rodent infestations. The mice chew through electrical wires, rubber and plastic hoses, completely disabling the motorhome.
  • Mice can carry disease. Hantavirus, a particularly dangerous disease carried by deer mice, can be breathed in while cleaning up mouse droppings.

Regular in-storage inspections of your RV can help to identify problems so they can be dealt with quickly, and make your RVing more enjoyable! Thomas Pest Services has been solving rodent and insect problems for those that live, work and play in the Capital Region and surrounding towns like Chatham, Schenectady, Latham, Saratoga Springs and Queensbury with third generation experience. Rodent removal is serious, Thomas Pest Services is licensed in getting rid of rodents, contact us via phone at 1-877-518-2847, via web inquiry, Facebook or Twitter!

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