Rodents are Invading Homes This Summer

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It’s the middle of the summer and most time is spent around the home barbequing, swimming and taking vacations. Far from our mind is winter, shoveling snow and thinking about winter pests like mice. Believe it or not, we have noticed an increase in mice problems in homes throughout the Albany area.

The rain, heat and humidity provide the perfect environment for mice to feed. When mice have all the components food, water and shelter they will breed, which means more mice. A single female mouse can have up to eight litters each year with each litter averaging six pups. Mice have the capability to squeeze through holes the size of the dime, which often leaves homeowners to not recognize a mouse problem until rodent evidence appears. As mice begin to reproduce and mice populations grow, a trained professional should identify the best course of action to get rid of mice in your home.

Even though most homeowners think during the summer time they should be picking up crumbs to prevent ants, you should keep in mind rodent infestations are no better either.

Gnawing/Chewing: The fire of caused by mice gnawing through electrical cables is real. They can also chew through drywall, and insulation.

Disease: Mice and other rodents leave behind their urine and feces, and when rodent droppings become desiccated, they can become dangerous to your health.

Risks to Property: Not only do the dangers of mice pose to human health, but damage to your home.

Sounds: Mice are often heard during the evening hours gnawing, scratching and running throughout the home.

No matter the season, rodents are house guest no one wants! If rodents find their way into your home for summer vacation or to spend the winter with you in your Clifton Park home, do not ignore.  Thomas Pest Services specializes in rodent prevention techniques along with rodent control service to keep mice from getting inside and maintaining rodent infestations. For residents throughout the Capital Region including Valatie, Albany, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga, Queensbury areas, you can trust Thomas Pest Services to get rid of rodents and other common pests. To schedule a no charge inspection, contact us today

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