Rodent Eating Wires in Cars

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Has the push to go green gone too far?

That may be the case when it comes to the wiring in our cars, trucks, and SUV's. It turns out a new type of environmentally friendly wiring may be too friendly to animals, according to WCPO.

Woody and Mary Herald couldn't figure out why their Buick Lucerne suddenly wouldn't run.

"I got in it," she said, "and it would just click, click and would not start!" So her husband popped the hood, looked around, and on the ground underneath spotted a chewed off wiring harness.

New Wiring Tasty to Rodents

It turns out a number of car brands have wiring that is tasty to rodents, according to Connecticut Watchdog, CarTalk , and a number of automotive blogs.

Mechanic Marc Dueubber of Duebber's Automotive in Cincinnati's Delhi Township says many automakers have moved to biodegradable, soy based wiring insulation in the past 10 years. It won't last forever in landfills, like older plastic wiring.

It's great for the environment, but even better for hungry mice and squirrels. Car owners are finding rodent eating wires in cars.

"They are drawn to it, therefore they are chewing and eating it," Duebber said. "And we are finding nests created in the upper plenums (fresh air intakes).” He showed an air filter that mice recently turned into a nest, using bits of wiring insulation.

What You Can Do

Some automakers are responding. Honda dealers now sell rolls of anti rodent tape for wires, that can be used on any car, not just Hondas.

Mary and Woody Herald say they simply wish they had been warned, before their $400 repair.

If you suspect a rodent in the hood of your car, you need to take action immediately, because the rodent may return.

Additional advice for rodents in cars and when rodent eating wires in cars:

  • Find what’s attracting the rodents to the car. Are there snacks inside that they’re trying to get to? Do you have trash outside of your car (in the garage, etc.) that would attract them to the area?

  • Do you store your vehicle in a garage or location with a rodent problem? Have a pest management professional inspect your structure for rodent activity.

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