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When you think of New York City, rats may not necessarily come to mind. However, after spending a week in the city learning about rodents, New York City is overrun with rat populations.

The subways are one of the most populated places with rats. A recent article captures frustration from a group of fed-up New York City subway workers are asking commuters to take part in their “Rate My Rat” photo contest.

Log on to www.ratfreesubways.com and post the photos and location.

Judges rate the rats for “nastiness” on a scale of one to five. A rat that scores a one is considered “handsome”, whereas a five is “beastly”. The rat with the highest “nasty” score is the winner.

Launched by Transit Workers Union Local 100 in September, the New Yorkers Deserve a Rat Free Subway campaign demands that the MTA remove trash from stations more frequently, patch up rat holes, provide more rat-proof rubbish bins on platforms, and conduct more frequent pest management.

“Rate My Rat” has become so popular that the site’s server crashed due to the influx of traffic it generated. Check out the pictures!

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