Rain and Insects

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To describe the summer season thus far, one word that comes to mind is wet. While many of us in the Northeast are not enjoying the rain, some things are like plants, trees, bodies of water and animals. Pests also like rainy weather because it creates a breeding ground where pests can flourish. Lets learn why rain and insects have a great relationship.

How does rain increase pest populations?

  • Insects can reproduce more rapidly under wet conditions.
  • Pests can easily drown, so they simply head indoors to avoid those conditions.

With all the moisture, review prevention tips around your home to prevent pests from getting inside and thriving.

  • Make sure gutters are working properly directing water away from the structure. This prevents moisture from building around your home.
  • Make sure gutters are cleaned out. Leaf and other debris provide breeding grounds for pests.
  • Walk around your property and empty flower pots, tires, wheelbarrows, garbage cans where water has gathered. By doing this you will remove mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Seal around windows/doors and other cracks and crevices to prevent insects and other pests from getting inside.
  • If you suspect a pest problem, contact Thomas Pest Services to evaluate your pest problem.

Common insects to find around your home include termites, ants, springtails, centipedes, roaches and spiders. If you suspect a pest problem, contact your Saratoga NY pest removal professional to remedy your pest problem. Over the counter products are risky and often ineffective harming you, your family, co-workers, pets and/or plants. Rain and insects are common in the Ballston Spa NY area and throughout the Capital Region. If rain draws insects inside, contact your Clifton Park pest control professional who can help!

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