Raccoons And Squirrels And Skunks, Oh My!

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Have you ever had any trouble with wildlife? If you have, I bet you shook your head in disgust when you read the word trouble. Anyone who has had to deal with one of these pests knows what a pain they are. They also know that state-funded animal control is not the place to call when you're dealing with a pest. If you have a wolf foaming at the mouth in your garage, animal control can help you out. If you have a family of raccoons living under your deck, that's your problem to figure out. Fortunately, you don't have to handle it alone.

The criteria that animal control goes by is whether or not your family is in immediate danger, but danger comes in many forms. Though you're not likely to get attacked by a squirrel, squirrels can damage your home, leave feces in attic crawl spaces, carry mites and other parasite into your wall voids, and spread bacteria and disease to you and your pets.

If you have raccoons living in your attic spaces, they can spread lice, mites, ticks and fleas to other areas in your home. They spread disease with their urine and feces. And they can be a dangerous animal to have around, especially if they are protecting babies or infected with rabies. The CDC rates raccoons as the number one rabies threat for humans in the United States.

If you have skunks, well, you know.

When wildlife has chosen your property and your home as their new home, you need immediate assistance. Don't call animal control and hope that they will decide that your problem is dangerous enough for them to take action. Contact a pest control company.

A company like Thomas Pest Services will respond quickly and offer options to safely remove wildlife from the structures on your property--even in hard-to-get-at areas. They can install natural deterrents that will keep problem pests from returning. They clean and sanitize infected areas, and seal up entry points so that pests can't continue to get in. If you call a pest professional and they don't do these things, call another company. When you take care of a wildlife problem, make sure it is completely taken care of. You work hard for your money. Don't throw it away on partial service.

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