Pests in New Homes

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New homes are exciting and appealing, but in most cases there is more than what meets the eye. What do we mean? Not all of these structures are in pristine condition and certainly pest free.Pests in New Homes

A new home is prone to pest invasion during the construction process when everything is coming together. Construction of a building does not happen overnight. During the process, structural components are left open to weather conditions absorbing air, moisture and sunlight. New owners should be mostly concerned about moisture attracting insects that thrive in these types of conditions along with other critters moving in.

Beetles. Wood or grain beetles lay their eggs on damp wood or the paper backing on insulation. As larvae hatch, they may feed on building materials or eat the molds that grow on materials exposed to the weather. As structures dry out and the fungi die, these tiny beetles will move through cracks and crevices into living areas. Long horned beetles can be a problem in wood paneling. If the paneling isn't heat-cured before use in construction, larvae may still be present in the wood. When larvae mature two to three years later, the adult beetles chew oval exit holes they emerge from the paneling

Termites. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause $5 billion in property damage a year. Termites are difficult to detect and often remain undiscovered until damage is severe. Termites are attracted by moisture and construction debris left on new build sites. Make sure the construction is clear to reduce your risk or call your Albany termite removal specialists.

Carpenter ants. These large black ants are attracted by damp wood debris common near construction sites. Chewing long galleys in structures to building their nest, carpenter ants kick out sawdust while undermining building structures. At the first signs of infestation contact your Clifton Park exterminator to prevent further damage.

Clover Mites. These red mites migrate from sod into a home through tiny cracks in the foundation or window frames. If you crush these insects they leave a red stain and can stain surfaces.

Rodents. Field and deer mice are common problems in new housing carved from farm fields or wooded areas. They can enter a home through cracks and crevices smaller than a dime. Chewing, feces and urine can contaminate, destroy and become a health hazard. Contact your local rodent removal specialists to protect your health and home against these destructive rodents.

Before purchasing a home or structure, contact Thomas Pest Services, your local Clifton Park pest management professional for a pest inspection. Before finalizing any sales, contact a professional pest control company to make the owner, buyer, seller or Realtor aware of any potential pest or rodent issues that should require proactive pest control treatment.

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