Pesticide Safety for Homeowners

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The weather has finally broken and homeowners now find themselves outside planting flower, pruning their gardens and mowing their lawns. As the season continues, homeowners and gardeners may find themselves reaching for pesticides that they have purchased at the local home or gardens to control pests. Even though you can apply these products without a license that a professional pest control professional has, there are risks you should be aware of.

Each and every pesticide applicator is responsible for preventing harm from occurring to non-intended target species such as humans, pets, wildlife, or the environment. Here are some tips to follow according to The Pierce County Tribune if you should find yourself considering the application of a pesticide in your home, garden, or landscape:

  1. Identify the problem and the pest. Decide if controlling it is necessary, should you attempt on your own, or should you contact a pest professional. Decide if there are other control options that may be used as an alternative to applying pesticide.
  2. Choose the lowest toxicity pesticide that can be used legally on the target area and that will control the pest safely and effectively.
  3. ALWAYS READ and FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. The label will tell you what type of pests it will control and what the active ingredient is. It will tell you whether the product can be applied to edible plants and how long you must wait after application before you eat the fruit or vegetable. It will also tell you what safety precautions you need to take such as protective clothing or equipment you will need to wear when handling the pesticide. It is NEVER acceptable to apply ANY pesticide while wearing flip flops and shorts!
  4. Don't spray on a windy day because the spray could drift on you or into a neighbor's yard.
  5. Keep clothing used during pesticide application separate from family laundry. Clothing used to apply pesticide should be laundered separately from family laundry. Wash using hot water and a heavy duty detergent followed by two rinse cycles. Following laundering, clean the washing machine after use by running it without clothing through a normal wash cycle. Avoid drying laundered pesticide application clothing in a dryer as this can contaminate the dryer if any pesticide residue remains. Line-dry clothing the sun's rays will also help to denature any remaining pesticide residue.
  6. Dispose of unused pesticides and pesticide containers correctly. Never put unused pesticides in the garbage. Triple rinse empty pesticide containers by filling one-quarter full of water, covering tightly and shaking. The rinse water should be applied on the original target area.

When homeowners try to save money and try over the counter or DIY pest control techniques, sometimes it is effective and sometimes it is not. When you contact your Clifton Park pest control company, Thomas Pest Services begins with an inspection to locate the source of the infestation and develops a service around the needs of the issue, home, homeowner and property. Many times homeowners do not know where to look for the problem, then improperly use products, fail to fully eradicate the problem, spread the problem incurring more money and end up calling an exterminator after the fact. When dealing with pests around your Ballston Spa home- save time, save the headache and have the problem solved promptly and professionally by Thomas Pest Services.

Thomas Pest Services is a local, family owned pest management company serving Chatham, East Greenbush, Latham, Albany, Clifton Park, Schenectady, Edinburgh, Malta, Queensbury and surrounding towns. Thomas Pest Services is license and certified in pest control to effectively solve your bug or rodent issue. Protect your health, home, family and property with pest removal, contact us via phone at 1-877-518-2847, via web inquiry, Facebook or Twitter!

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