Pest Control in the Winter, Yes it is Needed

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Believe it or not, when winter comes, pest control companies do not go on vacation! A common misconception about the pest control industry is during the colder months pest control is not necessary. Just like human, insects, pests and wildlife animals prefer to spend the winter months in warmer locations, like our homes and structures. Pest control in the winter is important as your home is still in danger of being invaded by unwanted pests.

The importance and need of pest control in the winter:

  • Pests like ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs, fleas, rats and mice may slow down, but continue to feed, grow and multiply often times in the comfort of our own home.
  • Pests living inside the walls of your home are not affected by the cold temperatures outdoors.
  • Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which includes snowy days and 90 degree days. Regular pest control visits, include inspection for termite damage and termite evidence.
  • Attics provide shelter to wildlife, rodent and insects such as wasps and spiders, as they try to escape the cold.
  • Overwintering insects like wasps and cluster flies will survive through the winter and begin new colonies when the weather begins to warm up. Proactively identifying these problems, will prevent a larger problem come spring.
  • Rodents can find their way into your home if entry points are not sealed off. Preventing rodent entry through exclusion is critical to prevent mice from getting inside.
  • During the winter time, our schedules are less critical and it allows our pest control technicians to perform a careful inspection of your home, inside and out. Reviewing all areas of the home for pest related issues along with identifying conditions that may increase your risk of future pest infestations. Example: Tree limbs and branches and provide easy access to invite pests to your home.

Even though it may be December or January when we are servicing you home, we are already thinking about spring! Aren’t we all! Inspecting around windows/doors, electrical lines, pipes and other areas around the home for entry points prevents rodents now, and other pests come spring and summer. We also proactively add protection in a dust formulation for the emergence of pests in spring.

Removing spider webs, egg cases, wasp nests, and dirt dauber nests, prevents these insects from reemerging in the warmer weather.

During the winter rodents are most active and it is easier to find evidence of rodents. Our technicians use their specialized vacuums to remove accessible rodent droppings from your home, an added benefit of ongoing service.

With the cooler weather, pests are still a problem and pest control in the winter and all year round is important. Cancelling services can actually increase infestations down the road because pest infestations are not regularly monitored by a pest professional. Just like we escape the harsh Albany NY winter weather by staying indoors, pests move indoors too! No matter the time of the year, weather or temperature pest control is important in protecting health, homes and property from pests. Thomas Pest Services has been taking care of pest control in the winter for those that live, work and play in the Capital Region and surrounding towns like Chatham, Schenectady, Latham, Saratoga Springs and Queensbury with third generation experience. Contact us via phone at 1-877-518-2847, via web inquiry, Facebook or Twitter!


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