Our Best Friend, The Pest Control Monitor

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Thomas Pest Services is proud to utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which basically means, if no pest are present, no pesticide is required. With IPM, it is vital to develop a monitoring system for determining whether or not pests are present. Thorough inspections, in conjunction with effective monitoring, are critical components of any integrated pest management (IPM) program, and there are no better pest monitoring devices than monitor glueboards.

Glue-based monitors have become a staple in the industry during the past few decades and come in various shapes and sizes to suit any need, from rodents to flying and crawling insects. Glue boards are composed of a plastic or cardboard tray covered with glue sometimes folded into a tent-structure to protect the sticky surface, which holds a pest or rodent once it touches the glue. Glueboards are discreet, green, non-toxic, yet a powerful tool. These devices are placed parallel to walls in inconspicuous locations like basement sills, along rodent pathways, behind appliances, around doorways, in cabinets/closets and furniture where insects and rodents travel and harbor.

What is the importance of monitors?

  1. The information they provide is critical to identify pests and the formulation of a treatment strategy, but also as an ongoing measure of effectiveness and success. Monitors can collect insects, insect parts, droppings, rodents and evidence (sawdust, webbings, and eggs).
  2. Another function of glue monitors is to pinpoint activity or hot spots at an account. Information gleaned from monitors often will lead to an area where pests are thriving. Sometimes these hot spots indicate structural deficiencies that allow conducive conditions where make pests to thrive.

Will monitors control pests?

Glueboards/monitors are not very good at controlling pests.  These devices are best utilized to detect pests, and monitor changes in pest abundance. 

Thomas Pest Services applies glueboards throughout structures to be our eyes 24/7. Wedoubt you would want one of our representatives living with you, on the lookout for pests, but our monitors do just that! These monitors detect pests during our inspections and tells us stories. These tiny devices allow us to customize your service and detect pests and rodents at all times when people are not present. Contact us to learn more about our pest control services today!


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