No More Pests In Winter, Right?

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We wish we could tell you this is true. It is no fun having your home invaded by bugs and critters. But, the truth is, while pest invasions decline in winter, you can still have pest issues during the cold months here in Albany. Most creatures don't hibernate; they simply go into a low energy state until it warms up again. If they've already gotten into your home, they can drive you crazy all winter long. And, if they haven't gotten in yet, all it takes is a warm day for them to go from being outside in the cold to being inside your nice toasty home.

When Pests Have Already Invaded

Every fall something frustrating happens, bugs, rodents, and other animals look for a place to hide from the approaching winter. It could be something small like wasps hiding in your eaves or ants hiding in your basement. It could be something slightly larger like mice crawling through your wall voids and chewing their way into your kitchen, or bats using your attic as a cave to hide in. But there are also large creatures like skunks and raccoons that can make your life miserable when they choose your home as their winter home. If any of these pests have invaded, they should be removed before they can do damage to your home and spread illness to your family.

Often times pest damage and contamination can go unseen, and winter illness can be mistaken for the flu or the common cold. Ongoing pest services from Thomas Pest Services ensures that the interior of your home is free of invasive bugs and animals, and protects your home and family from these frustrating issues.

Before Pests Invade

If we get a warm day this winter, you may get an unwelcome guest. While bugs and wildlife can find a place to survive the brutal winters in Albany, there is no hiding place in nature as warm and inviting as a secluded part of your home, garage, shed, or outbuilding.

Ongoing pest services from Thomas Pest Services makes sure your exterior walls are sealed and protected. It also helps to reduce the attractants that can draw animals and bugs onto your property. So, when temperatures warm up, you don't have to wonder if you're going to get invaded.

Year-round Pest Service

Having a professional protect your home from living creatures isn't just a quality of life upgrade, it is vital protection for your home and your family. Safeguard your equity and keep your family healthy with year-round pest control services offered by Thomas Pest Services.

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