Mouse on Plane Grounds Passengers Headed to New York

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350 passengers en route to New York told their flight was cancelled when a mouse was seen on board, and plane could not take off until it was found. Pest control experts called to Heathrow Airport to find the furry stowaway in fears the mouse could have damaged aircraft, putting passengers at risk according to The Daily Mail.

What damage can a mouse on plane cause?

  • Rodents have the ability to chew through electrical cables, which could heighten the risk of fire or malfunction.
  • Rodents can reproduce and an alarming rate, and before long, one or two rodents can quickly become many.
  • Mice and other rodents leave behind their urine and feces, and when rodent droppings become desiccated, they can become dangerous to your health.

This gets us thinking...what are other pests you can encounter on a plane.

Bed Bugs on Plane

Bed Bugs. Usually half of the passengers on any flights just came from a hotel, while the other half came from home. Suitcases have the potential to carry infested items. These luggage pieces are either placed in over head compartments or under the plane with other luggage and belongings. During flights, bed bugs usually have hours to move around amongst the luggage. Plane seats are heaven for bed bugs. These upholstered or leather seats provide many hiding places and their host is right there! Sitting on a plane for hours is essentially like sleeping (some passengers do), sitting still as a perfect meal for a bed bug. Of course, there is the potential to bring them home on your business trip or vacation, (we can help)!

Cockroaches: Cockroach infestations can be easily transferred from food storage, food carts and aircraft galley. Cockroaches can spread salmonella along with other diseases such as food poisoning organisms

Fleas. Some passengers transport their furry pets with them. Our friends usually spend the flight duration under the seat or in the plane cargo. Sometimes our friends can have fleas, too! A sure indication of fleas would be itching legs and feet. Depending on the infestation level of the source, the insects can be carried on clothing and belongings. A recommended tip after traveling is to wash items in hot water and dry them.

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