Most bed bug infested cities in 2012

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Where are bed bugs? We can tell you!! Terminix, released the most bed bug infested cities in 2012, just like Orkin did earlier in the year. The following cities made the list:

  • Philadelphia

  • Cincinnati

  • New York City

  • Chicago

  • Detroit

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Columbus, Ohio

  • San Francisco

  • Denver

  • New Haven, Connecticut

  • Dallas

  • Houston

  • Indianapolis

  • Miami

  • Cleveland

Bed bugs continue to plague the country and people ask, “why are bed bugs back?” Bed bugs mostly troubled rich people in medieval times, because they had the warmest homes. As the quality of homes improved during the late sixteenth century, bed bugs became a problem for people of all economic classes. Before World War II, they were a common pest in the U.S. until a combination of factors including DDT, a household appliance, and fashion nearly eliminated them. Unfortunately, bed bugs have made a worldwide comeback. They’re also turning up in surprising places, such as fancy hotels, hospitals, college dorms, laboratories, airports, and maybe even your home. Why? Many experts consider globalization a major culprit. People and goods are traveling more widely and in greater numbers than ever before. Bed bugs are nocturnal, small, shy, and easily overlooked and the adults can live for half a year without food making them perfect stowaways in luggage and shipping crates.

As you prepare to travel this summer, learn how to prevent bed bugs:


Bed bugs mature quickly and can live up to a year! Bed bugs have the ability to infest areas quickly and spread into other areas. Contact your local Saratoga pest control company immediately to avoid getting bit another night. Learn more about Thomas Pest Services bed bug dog, Promise and bed bug treatments in Chatham, Colonie, Malta, Amsterdam, Lake George and surrounding areas today!

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