Mosquitoes Pre-Urinate before Feeding

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The New York Times reports a species of mosquito do what is called preurination. They excrete drops of freshly ingested blood without extracting any of the nourishing blood cells. The preurine may serve to keep the cold-blooded mosquitoes from overheating while they take their blood meal, which can be as warm as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the host animal.Mosquitoes Clifton Park NY | Mosquitoes Valatie NY | Mosquitoes Schenectady NY | Mosquitoes Saratoga NY | Mosquitoes Edinburgh NY | Mosquitoes Lake George NY

The article states, roughly one to two minutes after she starts feeding, an Anopheles stephensi mosquito will excrete urine and preurine through the anus, at the end of the abdomen. Sometimes a drop of the fluid will form and cling to the body before falling off; when this happens, some fluid evaporates like sweat and cools the mosquito’s abdomen by almost four degrees.

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