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With the arrival of fall on the way, homeowners throughout Albany, Schenectady and Clifton Park begin their fall “to-do” list. Raking leaves, closing the pool, putting the patio furniture away and cleaning the gutters are common chores, but many forget preparing their home for rodents. With rodents already moving, we decided to answers common mice questions.

Fiction: Mice have poor eyesight.

Fact: Mice see up to 3 feet, which doesn’t seem like much until you consider their whole world is about 10 square feet. With the ability to detect motion up to 50 feet, they function quite well.

Fiction: If you see a mouse, it is an indication of poor sanitation.

Fact: Presence of a mouse is an indication of access. The mouse is attracted to a source of food, water or harborage, and has found a way in. If you don’t address how the mouse got in, you will see more mice.

Fiction: Cheese is the best bait for mice.

Fact: Mice much prefer seeds, fruits and nuts. Peanut butter has been popular for many years, but be careful about people with allergies. In these cases, ground fruits are a safer and more effective choice.

Fiction: Mice need access to lots of water.

Fact: Mice are highly efficient at keeping their bodies hydrated with the moisture from their food.

Fiction: After a mouse eats poisoned bait, it goes outside in search of water and diet.

Fact: If only they would run outside and dies there- sparing is the stench of their decaying little bodies! The truth is most of them die in their nests, often a hard to reach place.

The mouse is a prolific breeder and can reproduce all year round. Mice can have a brand new litter (about six mice) every 45 to 60 days. At Thomas Pest Services we provide mouse control for the areas surrounding Clifton Park. Our rodent control programs begin with a no charge inspection, trapping, rodent proofing, exclusion (help stop rodents from getting inside) and a baiting program for long term control. As a local, family owned company, Thomas Pest Services is your local pest control company you can trust for rodent removal. Contact us today for a no charge inspection!

Source: Pest Management Professional

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