Mice... Not Just A Winter Pest

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A strong case can be made that mice are winter pests which is not an unfounded conclusion. Throughout our New York service area, we are sure that there is no shortage of homeowners who would say that they heard mice bumping around in their walls last winter. These are overwintering pests that prefer to be in nice, warm, cozy houses instead of a cold log or hole. They are certainly motivated to get into homes when temperatures drop, but what you may be surprised to know is that these furry invaders are motivated to get into your home any time of the year. Not only that, they are not inclined to leave once they get in.

It's true. Mice much prefer your home to the woods or the meadows. Why? Because in the woods and the meadows there are creatures that want to eat those mice. There are terrors that swoop down from the sky and scary things that prowl about on four legs. Those predators don't exist in your home--well, for the most part. If you own a cat that is a mouser, those mice will still have to watch out; but, even if you have a cat that is inclined to hunt and eat mice, that cat isn't going to prowl around inside your wall voids.

Another thing that makes your home ideal to mice is the fact that it is full of food. Not just the packaged foods that you eat, but the many food sources mice enjoy that you would turn your nose up at such as the contents of your trash can, leftovers stuck to dirty dishes, stale crumbs under the toaster, and cereal that rolled under the fridge. Your home is literally brimming with mouth-watering mouse morsels!

So, as you can see, mice are not only winter pests. They are year-round pests; and how do you keep a year-round pest out of your home? It requires year-round effort, but it is an effort worth undertaking. Mice can cause a lot of trouble in a home. They spread disease and harmful bacteria that can cause illness; they chew on wires and present a fire hazard; and furry animals can introduce parasites to your home such as lice, mites, ticks, fleas, and more.

If you're hearing mice in your walls and you live in New York, Thomas Pest Services has a year-round solution that will not only take care of those mice, but over 30 other household pests that can damage your home, sting or bite your family, plague your pets, and spread illness.

Live a better life. Invest in year-round pest control and keep invasive bugs and wildlife out, where they belong.

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