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As human beings, we make choices each and every day. When you go to the mall to look for a pair of new shoes, you don't just grab the very first ones you see and buy them. If you did, chances are they wouldn't fit--and even if, by some miracle, those shoes actually fit, you probably wouldn't want to wear them. A little girl in combat boots, an elderly man wearing Cinderella slippers - It would be madness! No, if you go to the mall to buy shoes, you most likely visit a bunch of stores and explore those stores thoroughly to find the best shoes for the best price, shoes that match your needs, shoes that you like. Well, I'd like to point out that humans aren't the only beings that make choices. Animals make choices too.

Animal habitat choices:

When wild animals come wandering into your yard, they will start to explore the area looking around at all the options, kind of like a human at a shoe store. Only they aren't looking to buy shoes. They are looking for a place to hang out--or worse, a place to build a nest or den for winter. If your yard or home is appealing, they might just make a choice to stay.

Here are some ways to make your yard less attractive to pests, so they don't choose your home to overwinter in:

  • Keep all garbage can lids tightly secured or store cans in the garage.

  • Keep grass trimmed and remove weeds. This will give animals fewer places to hide and make your yard feel less like nature.

  • Don't leave pet food or water bowls outside.

  • Trim trees away from outside walls and rooflines so raccoons, squirrels, and other critters can't climb them and gain access to the house.

  • Clean below bird feeders. Seeds attract scavengers.

  • Try to keep fruit cleaned up under fruit trees. Rotting fruit, like apples and pears, are a strong attractant.

  • Limit mulch. This harbors bugs, and wildlife will dig it up looking for them.

  • Block entry points under your house or deck.

  • De-clutter your yard as much as possible.

What to do if you need help:

If you want to be sure wild animals don't choose your house to overwinter in, the best choice you can make is to call a professional. Family owned and operated, Thomas Pest Services has been in business for three generations and we have learned a few things about protecting homes from wildlife. We are a QualtiyPro Company, accredited by the National Pest Management Association, and we have the expertise to remove and exclude wildlife in or around your home. When you need help protecting your home from wildlife or need safe, humane removal of a wild animal from your property, you can trust Thomas Pest Services.

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