Keep Pests Out Of Your Home With Exterior Pest Guard Service

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What is the best time to do pest control--before or after pests get into your home? While this seems like a pretty easy question, a lot of people end up waiting until cockroaches are zipping across the floor in their kitchen, perching on their toothbrush, or crawling out of a cereal box. Some wait until they hear bumping and scratching in the wall, see black droppings in the back of their silverware drawer, or actually see a rodent running along a wall in their pantry. Some wait until they have silverfish in their bathroom, silverfish in their bed, and silverfish in their hair. We hope that's not you. It is so much nicer to deal with pest problems "before" they get in the house. And, not only is it nicer, it is better for your health, and the health of your spouse, your children, your furry family members, as well as your home.

Before ants get into your pantry food, climb around on your kitchen trash can, or make a superhighway along the strip between your kitchen and the living room, they live in your yard. When you have Thomas Pest Services perform routine, detailed inspections, and apply focused and limited EPA-approved insecticides to vulnerable locations, you can keep them out there. Ants are tiny. Keeping them out by sealing holes is often an exercise in futility. Houses have lots and lots of holes that are tiny enough for us to miss, but large enough for those ants to get in. Sealing them out completely requires training, experience, and the right control protocol.

Before wasps appear on a wall of your bedroom or sting you when you sit down on the couch, they are outside. Before yellow jackets invade your attic and use an old piece of stored furniture as their all-season-home, they are in your yard. When you have Exterior Pest Guard Service, exterior nests will be located and safely removed from your property, whether they be high up under the overhang of your roof, or inside an old gopher hole in your lawn. We'll control those pests so they aren't crawling on your exterior walls, looking for a way to get in.

There are many bugs, rodents, and other wildlife that will enter your yard. When you have Exterior Pest Guard, you'll have routine inspections, routine treatments, and advice from an industry-leading professional to help you significantly reduce your chances of having an interior pest problem, and all of the misery that comes with them. Contact us for a free estimate, and let's get your protection in place today.

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